Discipleship at NCCA is full of powerful teaching, prayer, worship and anointed connections. Our discipleship sessions are four months or 8 months long and are completed by attending services, classes, prayer sessions, serving on a church ministry team and talking with your discipleship pastor weekly. You may choose one of the intensives for your session. If you are completing discipleship for the first time or would like a refresh, you will want to register for our Discovery discipleship intensive. For those who have completed one or two sessions of discipleship, you might consider registering for the Developing or Destiny  intensive session.  These sessions begin in September 2020 and end in May 2021. 


The Discovery discipleship intensive occurs over the course over four months. We recommend all participants complete two sessions before registering for the Developmental intensive. Sessions happen twice each year. 

Session 1    September-December
Session 2    February-May

Members participate in  virtual events*, classes, services, complete daily readings and prayer. Weekly and/or bi-weekly phone or virtual contact with a NCCA leader committed to helping you become rooted and grounded in the word of God, constant in your prayer, word and worship life, as well as help you stay connected to the body of Christ at NCCA.  Participants work with your pastor to complete the checklist. For  an example of the virtual event checklist for September-December 2020, click here. Of course, as church and activities transition back to face-to-face, the list of events will be adjusted.  All activities help you experience and participate in the many spiritual growth opportunities God has blessed us with at NCCA. 


Development discipleship is an intensive discipleship session for those who hunger for more of the presence of God, His Word and are devoted to additional time for prayer, readings, church service and pastoral mentorship. Your mentor will collaborate with you to develop  an increased focus in one or more of the following areas: attendance at prayer, Sunday school, home groups, Freedom School, worship training, prophetic training or other spiritual growth interactive sessions. Bi-weekly bible studies and scripture-based books are part of this increased level of discipleship. Mentoring will also includes prayer and encouragement. Your commitment to developing as a disciple of Jesus Christ will increase you in spirit as your soul prospers. 

Development discipleship in the September 2020 -May 2021 session includes the study of the book of John and one decided by the team of disciples with bi-weekly video call discussions. 


Destiny Discipleship is intended for those who have successfully completed Discovery and Development discipleship sessions.  

Participants in Destiny discipleship  are well disciplined in daily Bible study, prayer, journaling, and attendance at church services.  They are connected and serving in the Body of Christ.  Destiny level disciples know God's  calling for their life and have had it confirmed by their spiritual covering. 

Participants are guided to create  three goals they expect to achieve by going through the program.  Mentors will help participants to reach these goals by guiding them with weekly phone calls, prayer, suggested book reading, watching/listening to related teachings/sermons by other anointed believers in same or similar callings, and encouraging them to connect with and build relationships with other ministers. 

Participants will practice operating in their gifts under close supervision with constructive feedback.  
At the end of the program, participants will write or record a report on their spiritual growth during  Destiny Discipleship.